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Cool Wall Art for Guys (That Like Drinking)

Are you looking for the coolest wall art for guys? Look no further because we've got you covered!

Who is we exactly? We are Royal Mallard. We create wall art that features characters drinking and smoking in whatever color suit you can think of.

Our unique wall art is unlike any other. Normally, you have to just find a picture that you like, and if you don't, you move on, and keep on endlessly searching. With Royal Mallard, you create your own masterpiece to perfectly blend in to your existing decor.

Bachelor Pad Decor

Our wall art is perfect for any guy's bachelor pad. It's probably the coolest art in town because you can create the perfect masterpiece. Just choose your character, drink, and suit color and wallah!

A canvas print is the perfect decor for any man and his living quarters. Cool wall art for bachelor pads is our middle name! 

Art for a Man's House

A man's house needs the perfect art to match his style. Make boring walls a thing of the past and showoff your splendid taste. Investing in the perfect piece to add to your collection is easy when you can create it!

Wall decor for a guy's living room/Men's living room art.


Or maybe you're looking for masculine entryway ideas?

Men's Bedroom Decor

Sleeping is a time for peace, relaxation, and a touch of elegance. What better way to create the perfect environment in your bedroom than to add the coolest wall art for any man's bedroom to your collection?

Art Men Like

Wall art from Royal Mallard is the perfect gift for any man. Our customers have given them as presents and people love them! We've never had a return, and we're very proud of that!

Kitchen Art for Men

A man and his kitchen have a certain style that has to be respected. Whether you're cooking with a little red wine, or enjoying a fine glass of Cabernet with a friend or two, a character drinking red wine is perfect for any kitchen!

Need to match your kitchen's colors? No problem! Get whatever color suit you need to create the perfect wall decor for any man and his kitchen.

Cooking a nice Italian dish couldn't be easier with a helper on the wall. You're never alone when you're drinking with the Mallard!


Man Cave Wall Decor

Ah yes...the man cave... The place that gets treated as if it was royalty itself, as it very well should. Decorating your man cave is a breeze with Royal Mallard because we can create whatever characters, drinks, and colors you need.

Men's Room or Bathroom Wall Art

Need to decorate the place you urinate? That kind of rhymes... We've got you covered. The coolest art for a guy's bathroom will keep you looking at it, instead of being on your phone...spreading germs... We're saving the world one men's room at a time! Our unique wall art comes in 2 different sizes, so it can fit into any size bathroom.

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